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Workplace assessments

We undertake workplace visits and investigations to assess labour risks and the implementation of remedial or preventative actions. Usually these are focused visits designed to investigate a particular issue that may have been identified during self-assessment or through a technical visit, or which has been raised as a concern by a civil society stakeholder or trade union. Workplace visits can also be undertaken as part of wider research projects to understand worker perspectives.

Many situations are contested and we always seek to understand all standpoints. Our staff are experienced in undertaking worker interviews and focus groups in industrial and rural contexts, as well as interviewing management and engaging with local stakeholders and worker representatives.

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Workplace assessments

Investigating and assessing workplace standards

Ergon undertakes detailed site-based investigations and assessments of workplace conditions against a variety of client performance standards and across a range of industries. Often these focus on contested issues such as freedom of association and gender rights. Click here for more information

Labour and the electronics sector

Ergon was commissioned by the Better Work programme (a partnership of the ILO and IFC) to evaluate the potential for extending its operations into the electronics manufacturing sector, and make recommendations against Better Work’s operating criteria. Click here for more information

Social impacts of cotton cultivation

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) commissioned us to assist in understanding its role in addressing the social and labour impacts in cotton cultivation at farm-level, focused on three major cotton-growing regions – West Africa, South Asia (India and Pakistan) and Brazil. Click here for more information

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