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Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Mali meetingWe help clients to implement participatory approaches to stakeholder engagement by first, identifying and mapping relevant stakeholders, and second, by supporting consultation plans. We advise on effective methodologies (e.g. on-line, in-person, focus groups) and develop issues and questions that need to be focused upon.

Consultation and engagement with stakeholders is often at the heart of our research methodology to inform and underpin policy findings.

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Stakeholder engagement projects

Building consensus around a worker complaint process

We were commissioned by the London 2012 Olympics to design and manage an innovative complaints process on sustainability. Design involved extensive interviews, workshops and consultation with internal staff, commercial partners, suppliers, NGOs and trade unions. Click here for more information

Gathering stakeholder input for a new governance structure

Ergon assisted the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to move to a new footing as a formal membership organization through the development of membership Principles setting out rights and obligations, and membership fees. Click here for more information

Stakeholder engagement to test research findings on African agribusiness

Ergon mapped and engaged with social partners and NGOs across six African countries as part of a feasibility study for the Better Work programme looking at potential activity within African export agriculture. Click here for more information

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