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High quality, innovative and outcome--oriented research underpins our work. In a contested field like labour rights, we provide clients with an authoritative view based on an objective and comprehensive assessment of credible information.

We apply a variety of research methodologies including participative and action-oriented approaches at field level. We always seek to present outputs in the most user-friendly format that enables findings to be assimilated and acted upon.

Our assignments range from large-scale studies of global and regional trends within the decent work arena to workplace-level research on working conditions and standards.

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Research projects

Assessing the impact of codes of conduct

Ergon was commissioned by the World Bank to research and write a background paper for the World Development Report 2013 on the impact of codes of conduct and other private voluntary initiatives. Click here for more information

How does freedom of association contribute to development?

Ergon was commissioned by the ILO to produce a study looking at how freedom of association fosters and supports economic and social development. The report analyses the key factors and includes detailed case studies from around the world. Click here for more information

Understanding wage structures and levels in agricultural sectors

Ergon benchmarked wage structures and levels on tea estates in Malawi, Indonesia and India (Assam), via wage development of wage ladders and stakeholder surveys and site-level research. Wage ladders measure actual wages against national and international benchmarks. Click here for more information

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