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Benchmarking ethical trade practices

fruit packersErgon is commissioned by major brands and retailers - both clothing and supermarkets - to review their responsible sourcing programmes in order to help them identify key risks, strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Reviews typically initially involve detailed analysis of existing policies, processes and systems used to manage responsible sourcing. We identify key market trends, sourcing challenges, labour risks and benchmark the company’s programme and performance against peer group retailers, and also standards such as the ETI Principles of Implementation, GSCP Equivalence guidance and UN Guiding Principles.

We also conduct a series of interviews with staff from commercial, technical, public affairs and sustainability departments, to understand the company's values and direction. This also allows us to assess how well the responsible sourcing programme is embedded in company culture and to understand the roles different staff could play in its implementation.

We make concrete implementable recommendations – including resource implications – which enable the client to target its efforts in consolidating and moving its responsible sourcing programme forward. We also deliver training to key staff on identifying and managing labour risks, and provide ongoing information and advisory support.

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Policy development and implementation

Developing a complaints mechanism for the London Olympics 2012

Ergon developed a process to deal with complaints about potential breaches of London 2012’s Sustainable Sourcing Code by contractors and suppliers. This is based on the Ruggie Principles and followed extensive stakeholder engagement. Click here for more information

Ethical trade benchmarking

Ergon is commissioned by a major brands and retailers to review their responsible sourcing programmes in order to help them identify labour risks, their strength and, weaknesses and areas for improvement, including comparison with peer companies and best practice standards. Click here for more information

Strategy implementation within development finance

We have worked closely with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help develop new labour standards requirements for its clients, and we continue to support project risk assessment and policy implementation. Click here for more information

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