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Policy development and implementation

SteelworksThe variety of organizations with policy commitments relating to labour standards and human rights is ever-growing. These range from international institutions, to private sector corporations and multi-stakeholder bodies. We support the development and review of policies through benchmarking, qualitative analysis and stakeholder engagement.

We also evaluate and design management processes to help clients deliver their policy commitments internally and through their operations. Key elements can include reviews of internal responsibility, accountability and communication, training and resource development and stakeholder engagement.

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Policy development and implementation

Developing a complaints mechanism for the London Olympics 2012

Ergon developed a process to deal with complaints about potential breaches of London 2012’s Sustainable Sourcing Code by contractors and suppliers. This is based on the Ruggie Principles and followed extensive stakeholder engagement. Click here for more information

Ethical trade benchmarking

Ergon is commissioned by a major brands and retailers to review their responsible sourcing programmes in order to help them identify labour risks, their strength and, weaknesses and areas for improvement, including comparison with peer companies and best practice standards. Click here for more information

Strategy implementation within development finance

We have worked closely with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help develop new labour standards requirements for its clients, and we continue to support project risk assessment and policy implementation. Click here for more information

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