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Organisational performance

Assessment of performance on labour and human rights issues can be a challenging task - particularly in relation to quantifiable measures. But it is necessary for analyzing effectiveness and impact. We assist clients in developing appropriate targets and performance indicators relevant to their strategy, which capture the effectiveness of management processes and the consequences of their programmes.

A key element is the design of internal reporting processes which produce credible information, but equally, deploying analytical techniques that take account of the type and quality of information available is important for generating conclusions that can be used to improve outcomes.

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Organisational performance

Evaluating corporate performance on delivering ethical trade

Ergon worked closely with the UK Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) for more than eight years to develop member reporting and assessment frameworks so that ETI can identify how its members are performing in delivering improvements in working conditions across their supply chains and can identify good practice to share among ETIs membership. Click here for more information

Best practice and business case studies

We have broad experience in researching and drafting business case studies to assist clients in capturing learning and good practices. These are based on clear evaluation criteria and can involve demonstrating the business case for actions, calculating quantified impacts and assessing qualitative outcomes. Click here for more information

Assessing working conditions in small-scale cotton production in Mali

Ergon was commissioned by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to identify whether the working conditions experienced by smallholder cotton producers and workers met BCI’s decent work criteria, with a particular focus on the situation of women. The work was carried out in Mali, one of BCI’s pilot regions for growing Better Cotton.

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