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Risk analysis

We research and monitor global and sectoral trends within the decent work and human rights fields to help clients undertake due diligence to identify and manage the risks associated with their policies and commitments, as they apply within their own operations, their supply chains, and their investment and donor relationships.

Key to understanding trends and risk is close monitoring of the perspectives of actors including inter-governmental bodies, multinational brands, trades unions and civil society campaigners. We do this through screening public statements and maintaining close relations with social partners and others stakeholders.

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Risk analysis projects

Human rights impact assessments

We undertake human rights impact assessments for international companies in a variety of sectors, following a structured methodology in line with the requirements of the UN Guiding Principles including baseline assessments, stakeholder engagement, impact analysis and mitigation recommendations. Click here for more information

Analysis of socio-economic issues in commercial agriculture

Ergon specialises in analysing labour and social issues affecting global agricultural supply chains, and in assisting in the development of risk identification and implementation programmes at farmer and smallholder level. Click here for more information

How can brands improve standards in cotton cultivation

Ergon worked with a major garment brand to develop its understanding of how it could use its influence to promote more sustainable cotton cultivation, focusing on the socio-economic and labour rights impacts of cotton farming. Click here for more information

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