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Best practice

We research and compile case studies demonstrating the impact of responsible sourcing and investment activity. Often these capture best practices and also highlight the benefits of responsible strategies so helping to build the business case. These case studies can be prepared to assist internal learning and to strengthen implementation of programmes, or they can be for external communication to demonstrate challenges and outcomes.

We combine data collection with management and stakeholder interviews to get a rounded picture of implementation and impacts, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

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Best practice projects

Researching the business case for women's employment

We worked for IFC's WINvest programme to explore the business case for investing in women-friendly policies and practices, including in-depth company case studies, developed through site visits to companies in Brazil, Chile, Ukraine, Vietnam, Kenya and Thailand. Click here for more information

Impact of an ethical trade programme on supplier practices

We worked with UK food suppliers to understand how they had changed and improved their internal sustainability and HR practices in response to their customer's responsible sourcing programme. Click here for more information

How to assess the risk of child labour in West African cocoa growing

For IFC, and using best practice from existing programmes, we developed a rapid risk assessment methodology to identify cocoa communities at higher risk of using child labour in Ghana. Click here for more information

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