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Ergon combines a wide spectrum of experience and capability to assist clients in addressing their labour standards commitments and human rights responsibilities.

We provide a range of research, advisory, learning and support services. We categorise our services under four broad headings of understanding; implementing; evaluating; engaging. Please see examples of our work under each area.

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We undertake research on employment and human rights questions in major industrial and agricultural sectors worldwide, with a particular focus on transition and developing economies

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Labour and human rights risk analysis

We research, identify and help manage the risks and opportunities associated with labour commitments and human rights responsibilities, whether these are at a country, sector or enterprise level.

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Country labour risk profiles

We compile detailed and regularly-updated labour assessments on more than 60 countries covering employment law, labour markets, employment practice, and compliance risk at national and sectoral level.

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Cotton PPE

Policy and strategy review

We support the development and review of ethical trade, complaints and other labour standards policies through benchmarking, qualitative analysis and stakeholder engagement..

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Learning & development

We develop and deliver customized learning solutions and training on labour standards, labour law and implementation strategies. We also work with organizations to develop their own learning programmes and train the trainer.

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Practical tools and guidance

We have wide experience of producing practical tools and information resources to assist organisations in putting decent work policies into practice.

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Organisational performance

We assist clients in developing appropriate targets and performance indicators relevant to their strategy which capture the effectiveness of management processes and the consequences of their programmes.

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Workplace assessments

We undertake workplace assessments to gauge labour risks, engage with management and workers and propose the implementation of remedial actions.

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Researching best practice

We research and compile case studies exemplifying best practices which also highlight the business benefits of responsible strategies. These can be shared internally for learning purposes, or externally to stakeholders.

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Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Our work often includes a process of mapping effected stakeholders in different national environments, including trade unions, government and NGOs, and then engaging directly with those stakeholders directly through interview, surveys and meetings.

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Ergon has broad experience of facilitating meetings and discussions on behalf of international organisations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, retailers and brands and NGOs.

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