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Ergon produces a range of reports, publications, presentations and other outputs every year. While we unfortunately cannot make all of them public, we are keen to make as much as we can available for reference and to support other organisations and groups in their work.

Also here, you will find a repository of our regular email update.

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We also provide an archive of the predecessor to our update, the Ergon newsletter Focus on Labour.

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Ergon staff also regularly blog here and elsewhere on issues relating to our expertise.

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Our work, views and activities


We produce a range of public guidance materials, alongside project specific guidance and tools; these range from ethical supply chain management to non-discrimination and worker accommodation. Click here for more information


We have produced a range of extensive reports on various subjects, from industry scoping, through risk assessment, through to substantial reports on international public policy. Click here for more information

Other resources

Ergon staff often speak at and facilitate conferences, provide podcasts and other various media. Click here for the Ergon blog

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