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Brett Dodge


Brett has a background in business and human rights and international labour standards. He provides strategic advice, research and stakeholder engagement support around labour and human rights issues in international development and in relation to business operations across a range of sectors including agriculture, fishing, extractives, construction and manufacturing.

At Ergon Brett has worked on:

  • - Developing indicator frameworks and index tools for measuring and monitoring human rights and quality of work and employment in global production chains.
  • - Strategic support for NGOs and multi-stakeholder initiatives in relation to new programmes and initiatives
  • - Developing human rights, labour and social performance guidance tools for Government, NGOs, retailers and their suppliers
  • - Field research and quantitative analysis on understanding wages and fair wage analyses in global production chains (India, China, Vietnam, Kenya, Sri Lanka, EU, USA, Ethiopia, Tanzania).
  • - Research and strategic advice on improving human rights and working conditions in the global seafood industry
  • - Impact evaluations, strategic support for capacity building programs in the electronics sector (China)
  • - Human rights impact assessments in the oil and gas sector (Myanmar, Greece, Albania, Italy)

Before joining Ergon in 2011, he worked as a human rights and labour standards specialist for a human rights risk advisory firm and previously worked at human rights organisations in the UK and abroad. Brett has an LLM (master of laws) in International Human Rights from the University of Essex (UK) and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville (USA) where he studied political science, economics and quantitative social analysis.

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Organisational performance

We assist clients in developing appropriate targets and performance indicators relevant to their strategy which capture the effectiveness of management processes and the consequences of their programmes.

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Workplace assessments

We undertake workplace assessments to gauge labour risks, engage with management and workers and propose the implementation of remedial actions.

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Researching best practice

We research and compile case studies exemplifying best practices which also highlight the business benefits of responsible strategies. These can be shared internally for learning purposes, or externally to stakeholders.

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Policy development and implementation

Developing a complaints mechanism for the London Olympics 2012

Ergon developed a process to deal with complaints about potential breaches of London 2012’s Sustainable Sourcing Code by contractors and suppliers. This is based on the Ruggie Principles and followed extensive stakeholder engagement. Click here for more information

Ethical trade benchmarking

Ergon is commissioned by a major brands and retailers to review their responsible sourcing programmes in order to help them identify labour risks, their strength and, weaknesses and areas for improvement, including comparison with peer companies and best practice standards. Click here for more information

Strategy implementation within development finance

We have worked closely with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help develop new labour standards requirements for its clients, and we continue to support project risk assessment and policy implementation. Click here for more information

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