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AlastairDirector - Research

Alastair is a co-founder of Ergon Associates. Over the past 15 years, he has worked on labour, employment and gender issues in emerging and developing economies worldwide. Alastair works with a range of organisations: inter-governmental, regional and bilateral development agencies, development finance institutions, national governments, large and small companies, trade unions and civil society.

Alastair brings a multi-disciplinary approach to the world of work, and leads Ergon projects across the fields of governance, industrial relations, labour law and development economics. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Alastair aims to combine work at the levels of policy and strategy development, organisational strengthening and direct project implementation. Alastair's focus areas include:

  • - Jobs and development finance
  • - Gender in the workplace
  • - Wages in low-income countries
  • - Social dimensions of rural development
  • - Rights in informal economies
  • - Responsible restructuring
  • - Employment-intensive investment

Prior to joining Ergon, Alastair was Senior Researcher in the international department of Incomes Data Services (IDS), acting as UK research co-ordinator for the international WageIndicator programme run by University of Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies.

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Research projects

Assessing the impact of codes of conduct

Ergon was commissioned by the World Bank to research and write a background paper for the World Development Report 2013 on the impact of codes of conduct and other private voluntary initiatives. Click here for more information

How does freedom of association contribute to development?

Ergon was commissioned by the ILO to produce a study looking at how freedom of association fosters and supports economic and social development. The report analyses the key factors and includes detailed case studies from around the world. Click here for more information

Understanding wage structures and levels in agricultural sectors

Ergon benchmarked wage structures and levels on tea estates in Malawi, Indonesia and India (Assam), via wage development of wage ladders and stakeholder surveys and site-level research. Wage ladders measure actual wages against national and international benchmarks. Click here for more information

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