Understanding wages in the tea and banana sectors

tea pickersErgon conducted and managed a major research project for a collaborative multistakeholder group aiming to develop an effective, transparent system to measure wages of workers on tea estates against appropriate national and international benchmarks. The project focused on Malawi, Indonesia and India (Assam) and was backed by Oxfam Novib, the Ethical Tea Partnership, the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) as well as Unilever and the standards bodies FLO, UTZ Certified and the Rainforest Alliance. Ergon undertook wage research, the development of wage ladders and a stakeholder survey as well as recruitment, support and management of country-level research. The Oxfam report from the project is here.

For the multi-stakeholder World Banana Forum, we have also developed objective wage ladders measuring wages against international and local benchmarks for 8 countries in Africa and Latin America according to our own transparent methodology.

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